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Cacao Wisdom

Unveiling - the Ancient Secrets of Womb Wisdom - 4 Day Event

Unveiling - the Ancient Secrets of Womb Wisdom - 4 Day Event

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Do you feel the nudge to go deeper, to learn more about the ancient knowledge of your ancestors? To learn more about being a woman? Can you feel there is something missing in the way society has taught us to be women and to connect to our "femininity"? This four-day immersive experience is for you. 

After this event, you will feel more expansive, grounded, confident, and magnetic. You will understand the power of being a woman and your innate divinity. These are fundamental truths that every woman on earth used to know but have been forgotten or worse silenced. 

I look forward to seeing you sister xoxo - Gabrielle

What's Included

Amoung what's listed in the images to the left, the following are included:

- 120g of Ceremonial Cacao for your rituals & ceremonials in the container

- A free copy of the Rituals + Recipes PDF Booklet

Time Commitment

You will be obsorbing a lot of information. I recommend giving yourself 2-3 hours per day for this event to allow yourself time to digest the information and start to practice what you are learning.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds. I believe in resposible action, if you feel the call - take the leap sister.

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Let the Ancient Wisdom Keepers Guide You

When you join this container, you are not just learning from me, but also from the teachers I have spent yeasr learning from as well. From the Mayan Shaman, to the Cacao and Sound Mystic, to the Womb Wisdom Priestess, all of this knowledge I have transumuted through me to share with you.

You will also learn from the women around you. When you join a container like this, the attendees are divinely coordinated. You will be triggered, inspired, and supported by these souls perfectly to support your unveiling and unearthing process. Everything happends for you, not to you, and you can fully embrace this support here with us.

  • Will I learn to Cook with Cacao Also?

    I will not go into depth about how to prepare your cacao and sacred space in these containers. If you'd like guidance on that please download a copy of my Rituals + Recipes booklet or join our next Free Recipes + Rituals Online Workshop. There I will walk you through step by step how to prepare your sacred cacao. If you'd like to learn to hold space for others through cacao and ceremony, please visit the facilitators training section.

  • Is Prior Training or Work Required for this Experience?

    No, there is no prior work required for this circle. Everything you need is provided for you to step into the next chapter of your healing and expansion journey. If you have any questions please email me.

Not Sure How to Make Your Cacao?

Join us for one of our virtual Cacao Recipe, Cooking & Ritual Workshops.
In this 2-hour workshop you will learn in comfort of your own kitchen, step by step how to- prepare and bless your cacao and how to add in intentional spices and create a unique blend for your needs. We close the workshop teaching you a small Cacao Ritual you can use before your daily practices, journal, meditation, creative projects, or heart focused conversations.