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Cacao Wisdom

Free Sacred Cacao Recipes + Rituals Workshop

Free Sacred Cacao Recipes + Rituals Workshop

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Want to learn how to make delicious sacred cacao as the ancient Mayan traditions teach as well as new recipes?

Join us for a 2-hour workshop where Gabrielle will lead you step-by-step, through how to prepare, cook, and drink your cacao in ritual. 

You will receive a list of ingredients to buy and tools you will need in your kitchen prior to the event. We estimate these ingredients to cost anywhere from $10-$30 USD depending on where you live. 

✨ The Digital Cacao Wisdom Recipes + Rituals Booklet PDF is included with your purchase ✨

During the workshop, Gabrielle will be coming to you from her kitchen. Walking you through the entire process. You will learn three recipes, how to prepare sacred cacao, and how to drink the sacred cacao in ritual. During the workshop, Gabrielle will also be speaking on Mayan traditions, the history of cacao, and much more. 

This is a free workshop, once you complete the checkout steps, the link for the workshop will be emailed to you. 

This is a recorded workshop that happens 1x per month on a rolling basis. So feel free to sign up at any time. 

About your Teacher:

Gabrielle has trained with an Elder from the Mayan lineages in Guatemala as well as with a Teacher in Bali, Indonesia, with Buddhist and Hindu influences. Blending ancient knowledge with all the modalities Gabrielle has been studying for the past six years,  you will learn both traditional and non-traditional recipes and practices. 

Time Commitment

The workshop will be about 2 hours. We recommend allowing for 2.5 hours to give yourself time to enjoy your cacao after the workshop.

Tools Needed

We recommend the following tools:

1 regular size pot

1 whisk or fork

1 cutting board

1 medium size knife

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Join us for a Cacao Ceremony

Join us for one of our virutal Cacao Ceremonies. These magical events are hosted several times per month and create a safe container for you to deeply connect with yourself while tapping into the nurturing and supportive energy of the group. In the ceremony you will experience ancient Mayan rituals as well as new age spiritual practices, focused around a core theme or concept. The core concept changes with each ceremony depending on the energies at play. It is a beautiful way to commit to self-care as well as meet other like minded women.