The Sacred History of Cacao

The Sacred History of Cacao

Cacao beans come from the beautiful Cacao trees which now grow around the globe near the equator. These trees originally come from Central and South America. There is some debate on if the cacao trees originate from Brazil or the Guatemala region, however one thing is undeniable - the Mayan people have preserved and protected the ancient wisdom of Ix' Cacao over the centuries. The Mayan people understood the power of this plant medicine and used Cacao in rituals and ceremonies more than 2,000 years ago. The word Cacao actually comes from the Mayan word Kakaw.  

The Mayans recognized how the plant opens the drinker's heart space and allows them to connect with the divine wisdom and to their emotions. I want to take this moment to give immense gratitude and thanks to my teachers who are of Mayan decent, and the Mayan people as a whole for not only preserving and protecting the wisdom of Cacao but also for sharing it with me which allows me to share it with you. 

There is a Mayan legend that says, "When humans are utterly disconnected with nature and themselves, Ix' Cacao will walk out of the jungle and re-introduce herself to humanity to restore the balance of human's relationship with Mother Earth as well as their relationship with themselves." 

There's a reason why cacao sweeps the world in waves. The last time she emerged from the jungle was in the 1500s when Spanish solders took her back to Europe and humanity's love affair with cacao abroad began. Unfortunately, overtime humans lost respect and understanding for the plant medicine, diluted the medicine with chemicals and processed sugars, and lost touch with her healing properties. Now, Mama Cacao has come back in her pure form, her true medicinal purpose, to help humanity connect with nature and their heart wisdom. 

I believe there's a reason why people are obsessed with "chocolate." I think there's an innate deep knowing within us, of its power and its medicine. For example - how women crave chocolate when they are on their period, they know their body needs some of the natural properties found in cacao during that time of their cycle.

What the world knows as chocolate now it mostly commercialized poisons chemicals, but what Ix' Cacao is going to remind the world is the true healing power in natural Cacao. 

I share this sacred history of Cacao with you for two reasons - one to show gratitude to our brothers and sisters who have preserved this knowledge for us over the centuries and have shared it with humanity again now, and secondly to share the power of Ix' Cacao. She is a Mayan goddess who's spirit is within the Cacao. We can call upon her when we are putting our intensions in the Cacao, leaning on her great power, wisdom, patience, and grace. If you find yourself here reading this sacred history of Cacao, you can trust it is for a reason. She called you in, and Cacao is here to help you on your journey. 

With Love - Gabrielle

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