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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Immersion at B.Loved (In-Person) Dec 6th

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Immersion at B.Loved (In-Person) Dec 6th

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Join us for a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Sound Immersion at B.Loved in Canton, Georgia on Wednesday, December 6th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. 

Only 10 spaces available. 

Gabrielle Martorana of Cacao Wisdom and Alex Ballew of Secret River Sounds, will be your guides through an evening of community, connection, and self-reflection through a heart-opening, Sacred Cacao Ceremony. In celebration of the New Moon in Cancer, we will call in the energy of creation and manifestation supported by the heart-opening effects of Sacred Cacao.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is made from 100% raw, organic, ground cacao beans from Bali, Indonesia. Cacao contains *Theobromine, which translates to the “Food of the Gods,” and is considered the spiritual aspect of the cacao.

In addition, Alex Ballew of Secret River Sounds will be filling the room with deep tones from the gong, gentle melodies from the crystal harp, vibrations from singing bowls, didgeridoos, rain sticks, bells, drums, and more. Drift into the stillness below the mind and access your parasympathetic nervous system state for a chance to let go, rejuvenate, feel grounded, and become deeply relaxed. Participants have an opportunity for meditation, emotional revelation, and time to connect with yourself and ultimately tap into your innate ability for self-healing. 

What to bring with you

For this gathering, you’re encouraged to bring your journal and any special item you’d like to place in the alter to be blessed and charged during the ceremony. As well as a yoga mat, blanket, and bolster (if you have one, not required) for the beautiful sound immersion.


B.Loved Boutique, 191 E Main St, Canton, GA 30114

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More About Mama Cacao & Theobromine

Theobromine is a vasodilator that opens the body’s capillaries and blood vessels moving energetic blockages and helping you connect with your subconscious and emotions. It may open your heart chakra and third eye, enhancing your connection to intuition and internal guidance.

Cacao is a plant medicine that has been used in ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years. This ceremony has its roots in the Mayan lineage and will have teachings from the Mayan Cosmovision interwoven. There are no psychedelic properties in cacao, but participants do often experience sensations of connection, bliss, and inner knowing.

About Your Space Holders

Gabrielle Martorana

Gabrielle has spent the last four years traveling the world learning from shaman, healers, mystics, and priestesses learning new and and ancient wisdoms. She feels called the share the magic of Sacred Ceremonial Cacao in aiding people to open their hearts and reconnect with themselves and Mother Earth.

Alex Ballew

Alex Ballew is on a mission to use vibrational sound therapy to help people find connection with themselves and others. He wants to bring joy, authenticity, unity and hope into everything he does. Secret River Sounds is spreading healing vibrations in the name of wellness, empowerment and love.