Cacaosita La Medicina (A Medicine Song)

Cacaosita La Medicina (A Medicine Song)

Here is a beautiful traditional Cacao medicine song that I learned from my teacher and Mayan Shaman, Izaias, in Guatemala a few years ago. This song is a blessing, an evocation, calling forth the magic of Mama Cacao and asking her for loving support on your journey.

While I was studying in San Marcos, a beautiful town along the banks of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I attended and helped host many traditional cacao and Mayan fire ceremonies with my teachers. One of the pieces of the ritual that always spoke deeply to my soul was the power of the medicine songs

This song I am going to share with you is simple and beautiful and you can use her when you are preparing your sacred cacao or sitting with your cacao in ritual or ceremony. 

The Cacao Song - Cacaocita La Medicina 

Cacaocita, la medicina

Cacaocita, la di ri di

Cura, cura cuerpecito,

Cura, cura, la di ri di

Limpia, limpia, espiritito,

Limpia, limpia, la di ri di

Sana, Sana corazóncito,

Sana, sana, la di ri di

Abra, Abra, corazóncito

Abra, Abra, la di ri di

~Repeat as many times as you like



Cacaocita - an endearing term for cacao

La medicina - the medicine

Cura - to cure

Cuerpecito - an endearing term for your body

Limpia - to clean or wash away

Espritito - an endearing term for your Spirit

Corazoncito - an endearing term for your heart

Sana - to cure or heal

Abra - to open


xxx - Gabrielle

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